Super Sweet
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Skin care is not as one dimensional as we would have previously thought. It's more than topical solutions; it's the marriage of euphoric fragrances and a love for one's self. Preserving youthfulness from the outside in- the promotion of an organic edge and self pampering brings a more fruitful result than a girl may expect standing over her vanity sink. Confidence, relaxation, glee and strength are the anchors of the liberating feeling bound to be experienced- the ultimate goal of the Super Sweet Sugar Scrub. 

It is our honor to introduce a new way to be inspired. Start in the mirror and wash away yesterday by revealing newer, more beautiful layers. In time, you'll begin to do the same in other facets of your every day life. Make it a ritual. Adjust your schedule. Tell them you'll be gone, but not for too long. Get your music ready. Bring the nail polish and the hair products too... Close your bathroom door and zone out. 

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