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Adulting with S'well

Meg Schmidt

Every morning starts with the same routine: I crawl out from under my blanket and march to the stove to get my kettle started. Hot water with lemon is an absolute MUST as I get ready for the work day. While turning the knob on my stove is the first thing I do, I give myself exactly 90 minutes to get ready and sometimes still end up leaving home without drinking my tea in the comfort of my home.  So sadly enough, there were days when I'd leave the house sulking in guilt from missing that personal tea time!  (To find out the benefits of drinking a hot cup of water with my all time fav super-fruit LEMON at the beginning of your day, read: here.)

Photo: Meg Schmidt

Photo: Meg Schmidt

Stuck to my fridge is an ever-changing handwritten list of 'things to buy'- an insulated water bottle is somewhere on the top and has remained on this piece of paper unchecked for months. Finally, I walk into a boutique weeks ago and see this beauty pictured above. S'WELL. OMG. What took me sooo long? Duh! They're only the most cutest and fashionable non-toxic stainless steel bottles that keeps cold drinks COLD for 24 hours and hot water HOT for 12 hours. This is not BS folks. I've tried it...and I can fit my lemons inside! If you're still wondering what to get your friends for Christmas, this $35 bottle is worth it! I love this Palm Beach S'well from their new 'Resort Collection'. IF you're my friend and reading this now- I have my eye on the new Camo print! Get some Holiday gift wrapping and send it my way!!!!!!

And 1 more thing- S'well was founded and is owned by a woman! Not just any woman- but one who believes in social responsibility! S'well supports UNICEF, American Forests and Drink Up! I'm a fan!