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Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Crumble Bread Pudding


Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Crumble Bread Pudding

Meg Schmidt

With Thanksgiving just a couple days away- I thought I'd share a recipe with some of you still wondering what you should bake and take over to your cousins house...

(Throws on Cupcake Meg cape)

Without further ado: Cinnamon Apple Crumble Bread Pudding 

Photo: Meg Schmidt

Serves 6 with one non-stick jumbo cupcake/muffin pan. 


cooking spray (baking)

1/2 cup of milk

3 eggs

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon 

6 Slices of white bread

3 granny smith apples (diced, no skin)

1 cup of brown sugar 

3 tablespoons of cornstarch 

Mix it all in!!!

Before you start- make sure you spray your baking pan with non-stick spray. 

To prepare your bread seasoning: In a large bowl, mix in the milk, eggs, vanilla extract and last- the ground cinnamon with a fork or whisk. 

Next, cut your bread to make square cubes. Throw the cubes in the large bowl with the other ingredients and make sure the seasonings cover the bread cubes completely. Try carefully not to mash up or break up your bread. 

Now- evenly distribute the contents of the bowl into your baking pan and place the pan to the side. 

Next, grab another bowl to prepare the apple portion of the bread pudding: mix in your diced apples, brown sugar and cornstarch until the apples have a glazed look. Scoop this mixture out of the bowl and add to the top of what you have already placed in the baking pan. 

Both mixtures are now in the baking pan!!!!!

Turn ya oven on 350° and bake for 30 minutes. It's almost done when you start smelling the aroma. Good luck! lol


After your baking is done and you wanna get more gourmet with it, you can add the crumble topping like I did: 

(Views with crumb topping)

With your hands - Mix 1/2 cup of sugar (I use organic sugar cane), 1/3 cup of all purpose flour, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/4 cup of butter (room temperature) until fully incorporated. Sprinkle on top of your finished bread pudding for an extra cinnaminny crunch. 

Throw some ice-cream on top if you work hard and deserve it!!!