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How To Throw a 90's Themed Event


How To Throw a 90's Themed Event

Meg Schmidt

Heyyyy! I know it's been some time- I needed a whole month to regroup from NYE (see last post) and prepare for my birthday.  (Today I turn 26! Wooo!) Saturday night I threw my dream party: a 90's inspired bash with all of the treats, characters and music that would give all my guests the best feeling of nostalgia. We had a BLAST. If you've been following my social media accounts and want to have a 90's party of your own, relax and take notes...

Do: baby pictures. 

Do: baby pictures. 

Who didn't like the Power Rangers? Masks? Yes, you need at least one. 

If you don't have Cheese Puffs, it's not a 90's party.

Gel Pens, tattoos, Barbie. 

Gushers, DO NOT forget Gushers. 

Do: Encourage guests to dress comfortably and stay within the theme...

'Twister' cannot be played with jeans or tight clothing. 

Do: Get your favorite childhood character on a cake. 

Don't: be embarrassed about baby pics that show how afraid you are of your favorite childhood character. (see next photo). 

Cake by Creative Cakes, Inc in Silver Spring, MD

Be colorful. Be cheesy. 

Your Mom MUST be on the planning committee. Allow her to accept the job of running to Party City for ridiculous amounts of candy.  (THANKS MOM!!!!!!!!!)

Think carefully about your guest list (sorry mom!!!!!!!!!). 

Bring out the child-like nature in your friends by making them wear party hats. 

Also, pinata. Yes, pinata.